Tempo AnyCase™ Device

Tempo AnyCase™ Device


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The Tempo AnyCase™ Device is a small, lightweight, and extremely powerful GPS tracking device that lets you track and monitor your valuable instrument with incredible accuracy! Designed specifically for musicians, the AnyCase™ Device mounts easily and securely inside any instrument case, or directly onto larger objects like keyboards, drums, speakers and MIDI equipment*.  The AnyCase™ Device is easy to install and simple to use.

EXCLUSIVE “CONCEALED INTERFACE” DESIGN: The AnyCase™ Device’s unique shape and design make it extremely well camouflaged. In fact, nothing on the AnyCase™ Device indicates that it is a GPS device at all. The few buttons and LED’s on the device are completely invisible when it is mounted inside your case, and the button and LED’s are either unmarked or cryptically marked so only you know what they do. The device also comes with a professional label that you can attach to convince any potential thieves that it is actually something other than a GPS tracking device.

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