Arcus S8 Violin Bow

Arcus S8 Violin Bow


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The S8 offers an excellent response and a brilliant tone. The S8 is the favorite bow of many soloists and concert masters. This bow has a leather grip and black and gold winding. Its brilliance and instant attack allow to solve even the most demanding passages with poise and grace. Thus you can completely focus on the musical content and the communication with your auditorium and co-players. Matching its unique qualities we fit it out is solid gold. This bow is high quality and has a brilliant tone.



Stick Round or Octagonal
Weight 47 Grams (1.66 oz.)
Frog Snakewood
Eye Pearl
Winding Black and Gold
Grip Leather
Slide Wavy Goldfish
Ferrule 14k Gold
Button Snakewood
Screw Titanium
Tip-Plate 14k Gold


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