Arcus S5 Viola Bow

Arcus S5 Viola Bow


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High-Density Composite Carbon Fiber

  • Lightning Fast Articulation & Response
  • Warm, Complex, Open Tone Color
  • For larger violas with a rather dark sound, the ~S5~ can be just the perfect match. Its highly resilient stick can effortlessly move the high tension strings that come with a long scale. Its bright sound gives the instrument all the brilliance and shine it might miss with a traditional bow and significantly improves its projection.

    Stick Round or Octagonal
    Weight 55 Grams (1.94 oz.)
    Frog Snakewood
    Eye Silver Ring
    Winding Sterling Silver
    Grip Leather
    Slide Mother of Pearl
    Ferrule Sterling Silver
    Button Snakewood
    Screw Stainless Steel
    Tip-Plate Silver


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