Arcus M4 Viola Bow

Arcus M4 Viola Bow


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High-Density Composite Carbon Fiber

  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Lightning Fast Articulation & Response
  • Warm, Complex, Open Tone Color
  • The M series bows are slightly heavier than the S series bows. The bow is still very lightweight by normal standards, and produce a more focused tone with a longer sustain. This bow has a black and silver winding and a leather grip. The additional mass makes them slightly less agile, but steadier on the string and easier to control. The M4 has a pearl eye, sterling silver ferrule, and a black and silver winding. (The M3 has no eye, nickel ferrule, and stainless steel winding.) The M4 also has a faster response than the M3 and a more complex tone color. 


    Stick Round Only
    Weight 58 Grams (2.05 oz.)
    Frog Snakewood
    Eye Pearl
    Winding Black & Silver
    Grip Leather
    Slide Mother of Pearl
    Ferrule/Lining Sterling Silver
    Button Snakewood
    Screw Steel
    Tip-Plate Silver


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