Arcus M7 Cello Bow With D Z Strad Bow Case

Arcus M7 Cello Bow With D Z Strad Bow Case


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Assembly: Silver 935 Eye: Silver Ring Coil: Silver Weight: Ca. 73 gr. Arcus Bows Arcus bows are light-weight, meticulously crafted, and lightning-fast. Built for professionals, Arcus bows offer a speed and quality of response that is simply not possible with traditional pernambuco bows. Please see our Guide To Bows for a more lengthy description of the Arcus line. Or, visit the Arcus Website for the complete history and philosophy of these amazing bows! Manufacturer's Description: Cello Bow ~M7~ The ~M7~ is the top model in this line and fulfills the highest expectations one may put towards a bow. Its response especially on the lower strings is simply phenomenal, even with rather bright sounding cellos. It does not only offer the best playing comfort, but has apparently endless power and opens up a fascinating new range of sound colours. Especially suitable for baroque classic modern romantic concert / chamber music orchestra pleasure soloist instrument with dark sound.

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