Scott Cao 1679 Hellier STV-1500

Scott Cao 1679 Hellier STV-1500


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Philips Hill has called the Hellier "one of the finest Stradivaris in existence". It is presently held at the Smithsonian Museum. The dimensions of the Hellier differ from any other violin dated before 1684-85 and indicate that Stradivari was already contemplating changing proportions before he did in 1685. The perfect symmetry of the head and the position and admirable design and cutting of the "f" holes are also in advance of any of his contemporaneous work. However, the model, heavy edge, and small purfling are characteristics of his early work and the whole instrument presents a heaviness and solidity of construction.

Reproductions of the 1679 Hellier  is available in the STV 950 and 1500 models by Scott Cao. All models of Scott Cao Violins are professionally setup and ready to play. 



Scott Cao 1679 Hellier Measurements:

Back Construction: One Piece
Body Length: 35.6 cm
Upper Bout: 16.95 cm
Center Bout: 11.2 cm
Lower Bout: 21 cm

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