Scott Cao 1735 LaFont STV-1500

Scott Cao 1735 LaFont STV-1500


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The earliest known owner of this violin was the French violinist and composer Charles Philippe Lafont. This violin was made in one of del Gesu's most prolific years, when his output also included the "King" D'Egville" and Plowden violins. A typical example of violins of that period, the Lafont possesses a powerful,resonant and penentrating sound quality, which its various owners have capitalized on over the years.

Reproductions of the 1735 LaFont are available in the STV 750850950 and 1500 models by Scott Cao. All models of Scott Cao Violins are professionally setup and ready to play.



Scott Cao LaFont Measurements:

Back Construction: Two Piece
Body Length: 35.1 cm
Upper Bout: 16.3 cm
Center Bout: 11.2 cm
Lower Bout: 20.2 cm

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