Arcus M6 Viola Bow

Arcus M6 Viola Bow


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High-Density Composite Carbon Fiber

  • Lightning Fast Articulation & Response
  • Warm, Complex, Open Tone Color
  • The ~M6~offers an especially rich and powerful sound, which is never too bright and fits perfectly to all smaller violas. It will get you through the most difficult passages with unparalleled ease due to its perfectly balanced playing. Like all Arcus bows it also offers ideal comfort, which is valued highly by all musicians during long rehearsals and concerts.


    Stick Round Only
    Weight 58 Grams (2.04 oz.)
    Frog Snakewood
    Eye Pearl
    Winding Black & Silver
    Grip Leather
    Slide Mother of Pearl
    Ferrule/Lining Sterling Silver
    Button Snakewood
    Screw Steel
    Tip-Plate Silver


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