Arcus S5 Violin Bow

Arcus S5 Violin Bow


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The S5 has a sterling silver winding and ferrule. It offers a smoother response than the S4. The S series offers brilliance and clarity - ideal for soloists, and for bringing out the vitality of darker sounding instruments. The S5 is very popular among musicians who are looking for a rather bright and clear sound. The stick offers a lot of resistance, speed and power. It is a high quality bow and has a leather grip and a silver winding. Many Jazz- Rock- or Folk-players find in the ~S5~ their ideal companion, just as classical players with rather dark sounding instruments.



Stick Round or Octagonal
Weight 48 Grams (1.67 oz.)
Frog Snakewood
Eye Pearl
Winding Sterling Silver
Grip Leather
Slide Mother of Pearl
Ferrule Sterling Silver
Button Snakewood
Screw Stainless Steel
Tip-Plate Silver


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