Arcus M7 Violin Bow With D Z Strad Bow Case

Arcus M7 Violin Bow With D Z Strad Bow Case


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Arcus Bows Arcus bows are light-weight, meticulously crafted, and lightning-fast. Built for professionals, Arcus bows offer a speed and quality of response that is simply not possible with traditional pernambuco bows. Please see our Guide To Bows for a more lengthy description of the Arcus line. Visit the Arcus website for the complete history and philosophy of these amazing bows! Assembly: Silver 935 Eye: Pearl Coil: Silver Weight: Ca. 53 Gr. Manufacturer's Description: Few sticks of the M-series can pull such a wonderful sound, offer this absolutely unique level of power, clarity and response, which make them an ~M7~. For all brighter sounding violins this is the ultimate bow, perfectly suited for any solo work in orchestra or chamber music. Especially suitable for baroque classic modern romantic concert / chamber music orchestra pleasure soloist instrument with dark sound.

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