Arcus M4 Viola Bow With D Z Strad Bow Case

Arcus M4 Viola Bow With D Z Strad Bow Case


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Arcus Bows Arcus bows are light-weight, meticulously crafted, and lightning-fast. Built for professionals, Arcus bows offer a speed and quality of response that is simply not possible with traditional pernambuco bows. Please see our Guide to Bows for a more lengthy description of the Arcus line. Or, visit the Arcus Website for the complete history and philosophy of these amazing bows! High-Density Composite Carbon Fiber Extremely Lightweight Lightning Fast Articulation & Response Warm, Complex, Open Tone Color The M series bows are slightly heavier than the S series bows, though still very lightweight by normal standards, and produce a more focused tone with a longer sustain. The additional mass makes them slightly less agile, but steadier on the string and easier to control. The M4 has a mother of pearl eye, sterling silver ferrule, and a black and silver winding. (The M3 has no eye, nickel ferrule, and stainless steel winding.) The M4 also has a faster response than the M3 and a more complex tone color. Stick Round Only Weight 58 Grams (2.05 oz.) Frog Snakewood Eye Mother of Pearl Winding Black & Silver Grip Leather Slide Mother of Pearl Ferrule/Lining Sterling Silver Button Snakewood Screw Steel Tip-Plate Silver Manufacturer's Description: In the ~M4~ you can find just the right bow for serious playing. Its sound and playing, but also its beautiful outfit and workmanship let it stand out from anything else in its price range. It is a great match for small to medium size violas and is up to perform music from every era.

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